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Marcin Poczęsny Łukasz Poczęsny PLEXILED S.C.

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Alles für Ihre Gesundheit, Ihre Sicherheit, Ihren Schutz und die Pflege Ihres Unternehmens und Ihres Hauses.

Kommen Sie zu uns , wo Sie professionelle medizinische Gesichtsschutzschilde für Ärzte und Zahnärzte, Flüssigkeiten und Gele mit Ständern und professionelle Reinigungsprodukte Nanomax für Ihr Zuhause, Ihr Geschäft und Ihr Auto sowie viele andere Produkte finden, deren Hersteller oder offizieller Vertreiber wir sind.

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About us

We are a rapidly growing company engaged in the production, processing and sale of plastics and wood-based materials.

We are also a manufacturer of displays, racks and stands for shops, exhibitions and advertising, as well as many other materials commonly known as POS.

From the very beginning, our dream has been to automate the company as much as possible.

Our modern machine park is equipped with state-of-the-art laser plotters, CNC milling machines, plastic bending machines and a UV printing plotter.

See how our displays are made

Our experienced team of qualified young people guarantees a full range of services from design to implementation. Our professionals watch over the order at every stage of work, which translates into high product quality and timely completion of orders.

We work with many industries by supplying them with our products. We serve industries such as industrial, construction, food, fashion, automotive, cosmetics and medical.

Our displays, stands and racks can be seen in the largest retail chains in Poland and abroad. Our composite and sealant stands as well as our safe Plexiglas dental mirrors are used in most dental surgeries, where they are in great demand, and our mass-produced parts, covers and seals are part of thousands of machines and devices all over the world.

Quality comes into play when customers come back to us, not products.

Margaret Thatcher

Our mission

Our most important goal and our mission is to ensure the highest quality of the displays and parts we produce. We always meet our customers' expectations and listen to their needs, both in terms of design, economy and logistics. Thanks to our innovative ideas, individual approach to the customer, hard work and determination, we are now a leader in providing CNC services and manufacturing displays, constantly enjoying the moments when customers, not products, come back to us.

Why work with us?

  • a young, experienced team of specialists
  • high quality products with attention to detail
  • price competitiveness
  • originality and product innovation
  • partnerships with our customers and suppliers
  • customer-focused approach
  • rapid completion of assigned tasks
  • high emphasis placed on training and development
  • modern machinery
  • ensured distribution of products manufactured by our company to selected points all over Europe