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Laser cutting


Plexiled is equipped with top of the range industrial laser plotters of various sizes. The latest purchase was a full-size FlatBad laser with a working field size as large as 1500x3000 mm.

With faster, more stable operation and less waste, we are now able to fully meet the needs of our customers. On our lasers we cut in materials such as plexiglass, plywood, plaster, pet.

Laser cutting is a technological process during which a material is thermally separated by hitting it with a hot beam at a precisely defined point. This is undoubtedly the most modern method of material processing. It is a non-contact method, thanks to which the material being processed is not exposed to any damage or deformation in the slightest degree.

Laser cutting is primarily the ability to perform extremely intricate and complex shapes on a wide range of materials, ensuring complete repeatability. Using such a high-precision tool as a laser for material processing, we are able to take care of every, even the smallest, detail of the product.

The use of laser cutting in production significantly reduces costs - the laser is a machine that cannot be used up. As a tool that uses photon energy to separate material, it does not wear out. Often, the laser cutting process is the final process, because it does not require final processing.