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Alles für Ihre Gesundheit, Ihre Sicherheit, Ihren Schutz und die Pflege Ihres Unternehmens und Ihres Hauses.

Kommen Sie zu uns , wo Sie professionelle medizinische Gesichtsschutzschilde für Ärzte und Zahnärzte, Flüssigkeiten und Gele mit Ständern und professionelle Reinigungsprodukte Nanomax für Ihr Zuhause, Ihr Geschäft und Ihr Auto sowie viele andere Produkte finden, deren Hersteller oder offizieller Vertreiber wir sind.

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Other POS materials

POS materials that are equally effective in promoting a company and its own products are also hard and soft materials of a much smaller size.

Small stands are an excellent example of unobtrusive product advertising combined with the possibility of making a sample of the product available at the same time. The space in which they are usually placed is the shop counter, and therefore this is the direct place where customers make their purchasing decisions. It is therefore worth making every effort to ensure that the stand catches the eye not only with its advertising but also with its quality and precision. POS materials characterised by high quality will be durable products, thanks to which you will lower the costs of promoting your company.

We also make price strips (hard POS materials) and price tags (soft POS materials), which are also an element of non-verbal communication with customers. In this case, we focus mainly on materials - their top quality will guarantee the solidity and durability of the products made. Original colours, interesting form, a product made with the use of the latest technology - all this affects the subsequent effectiveness of POS materials.

While creating POS materials, which are specific advertising carriers, we are perfectly aware that their main task is to stimulate sales. At every stage of designing and producing these materials, we are in constant contact with our customers - putting their ideas into practice, we suggest the most interesting and effective solutions currently available on the market, which will be a fruitful invitation for potential customers to get acquainted with your product.